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A/C Reset Procedure

AC Reset Procedure

To reset the Air Conditioning system, simply turn off the AC switch located on the wall in your AC closet, wait 5 minutes and then turn it to the on position. (This may take several tries.) If this does not reset your system you may need to contact an AC technician.

If your AC coils are frozen try the following: Turn off the AC for 5 to 10 minutes then turn on the AC heat for 5 to 10 minutes sometimes this will unfreeze the unit. You will hear the unit fan come on and then the exchanger motor will kick in.  If it stays on that’s a good sign.  If it kicks off, give it time to cycle back through several times (leave it alone and make sure your heat setting is higher than the unit temperature). Sometimes if the condo unit is cold it will take many on and off cycles for it to return to normal temperatures (hours). If this does not unfreeze the coils you may need to contact an AC technician.