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Owner Responsibilities

Updated 3/15/21

Required IOLT Owner Responsibilities

All Owners must understand and adhere to the following list of requirements. Please understand that the Island on Lake Travis is a condominium facility and is not an apartment complex. You own your unit and thus are responsible for everything inside your walls. This is a summary of the key IOLT Owner requirements; please refer to the Community Rules document for complete details.

  • Every Owner must carry liability insurance of at least $100,000/unit to insure unit as well as all personal property. (Section B-3 of Community Rules)
  • Proof of this insurance must be on file with the COA office and must be refiled annually.
  • Keys and/or access codes to Units must be provided to the COA office for emergency access.
  • Owners must have a website login with a valid email address for receiving COA communications and having access to COA documents.
  • Owners must provide and keep current their contact information to the COA office. (Section B-7 of Community Rules)
  • If your unit is rented at least 1 day a year, then a mandatory annual Rental Permit is required from the COA office. (section M-1 of Community Rules)
  • Owners must provide ALL maintenance for their unit. The COA provides maintenance only for the common areas as specified in section B-9 of Community Rules.
    • This is not an apartment complex – all “inside the unit” repairs are the owner’s responsibility.
    • The COA will NOT check on individual condos for absent owners (examples: AC, leaks, heat, damages, access, etc}.
      • If you are not present on-site, you will need to arrange for a management company or a local contact to check your unit.
      • The COA will not check or restart AC units.
      • If something is not working, the Owner must call a professional for services. Some local service contacts are suggested here.
    • If there is a leak inside the condo, notify the COA office and they will turn off water while you get repairs done.
    • Notify the COA office if there is no hot or cold water.
    • No tools or ladders are available from the COA.
  • Any Contractor hired by the Owner must have specified liability insurance on file with the COA. (Section B-8 of Community Rules)
  • Contact Spectrum for any Wi-Fi issues - 855-895-5302
  • Contact Spectrum for any TV issues. The Bulk TV Customer call center is 833 697-7328.
  • Owners must comply with all Elevator rules for all Moving/Deliveries/Construction. (Section E-6 of Community Rules)
    • Elevator pads and a deposit to the COA are required.