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Security contact info


Here's the Island Security contact information and schedule. 

In case of Medical Emergencies – please call 911.

Island Patrol Schedule - please text any problems to (512) 567-9858 (Security Phone).
  • Monday & Tuesday            5 pm  - 9 pm
  • Wednesday & Thursday    11 am -  9 pm
  • Friday to Sunday              11 am -  2 am 

For any emergencies and off hours please contact Lago Vista Police Department (512-267-7141)

Monday thru Friday (except holidays), 8:30am to 5pm, please contact the COA office – 512-267-1175.

Please TEXT the Island Security phone, in case our Security folks are tied up with other problems. Security Personnel will call back (during scheduled hours). Please relate problem and phone # for a call back.

Note: This number is not a ‘concierge service’.  Security/Island Patrol folks are here to help ensure our Community Rules are followed.