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Cable TV info

Cable TV Info

The Island pays for basic cable service from Spectrum. This is part of your COA fees.

Under our contract, we have the Spectrum “TV Select” package for all units. One Set Top Box per condo is included at no charge. The easiest method to get this receiver is to visit a Spectrum Store (12012 N Mopac Expy, Austin or 200 University Blvd suite 610, Round Rock) and tell them you are at The Island, 3404 American Drive Lago Vista and your Unit#. You should not be charged for this Set Top Box. If you still have an old digital tuner (DTA – the small Cisco tuner) from our previous contract, these have been deactivated. They will need to be returned to Spectrum.

If an owner wants to upgrade their cable service to a more enhanced service (DVR, a second Set Top Box, Premium channels, etc.), they should visit the Store or contact the Bulk Customer call center below. Owners should request a discount on their enhanced service equal to the value of the “TV Select” cable service that has already been paid for.

The Bulk Customer call center is (833) 697-7328.

Please Note: this number is for Cable TV only related calls and NOT for Internet service. For help with our Internet service, please call:  (855) 895 5302