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Property Management Survey Results

Do you certify that you are an Owner & have the authority to participate in an owner only survey?

Answer Count Percentage
Yes, I certify I am a unit owner and will only cast 1 response to this survey. 35 100%
No, I am not an owner. 0 0%

Did you watch all 3 property management proposals?

Answer Count Percentage
Yes 30 85.7%
No 1 2.8%
I watched 1 or 2, but not 3. 4 11.4%

On a scale of 1-10, 10 the best and 1 the worst, how would you rate the current management of IOLT

Answer Count Percentage
2 1 2.8%
3 4 11.4%
4 1 2.8%
6 2 5.7%
7 3 8.5%
8 5 14.2%
9 0 0%
10 - Everything operates perfectly on the Island 1 2.8%
5 - Neutral 8 22.8%
1 - I am concerned with the direction of the IOLT 10 28.5%

How did you rate Goodwin's proposal on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the best and 1 being the worst. *

Answer Count Percentage
2 4 11.4%
3 5 14.2%
4 18 51.4%
5 - The Best 6 17.1%
1 - The Worst 2 5.7%

How did you rate PioneerBeck's proposal on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the best and 1 being the worst

Answer Count Percentage
2 1 2.8%
3 7 20%
4 8 22.8%
5 - The Best 19 54.2%
1 - The Worst 0 0%

How did you rate RealManage's proposal on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the best and 1 being the worst.

Answer Count Percentage
2 5 14.2%
3 16 45.7%
4 4 11.4%
5 - The Best 4 11.4%
1 - The Worst 6 17.1%

What aspects of a property management company did you like?

Additional Mgt. experience, potential Insurance/contractor savings. Cost neutral/ cost savings
An offer to a savings on insurance and streamlining the Island information.
Change. A chance to improve our current management conduction.
Cost saving and management organization
Covered personnel questions and best overall presentation
Discounted insurance
Everything they presented sounds like what we need!
Good org skills, proactive with financial items, familiarity of the island
HOA portal for residents, reducing insurance costs
Insurance support / communication
It handles the insurance. Month to month contract, on site personnel.
Local company, not national
Local, professional, personable
Management of Island Staff, cost saving on insurance and organization of Island issues
More accountability
More awareness
Pioneer Beck (PB) and RealManage (RM) both were emphasized transparency making the property better. PB insurance,budget and work with current staff. RM efficient and technology base.
Pioneer says they can help save money with insurance because that seems to be our biggest problem in the future.
Previous boards have spent a great deal of time and effort to manage the property and monitor the performance of the workers and the management of services on the Island. I appreciate that the current board doesn't want to be involved to that degree.
Seems like they would take care of the residents
Taking care of maintenance issues and proper insurance coverage
The assistance that they can supply to the BOD for running the site
The efficiencies of scale
They bring best practices & expertise, objectivity, access to resources, and good portals
They provide a level of professionalism that does not exist on the Island. They are up to date with industry standards. They have portals to help track work orders, financials, announcements, payments etc. They can provide financial efficiency review
To have reliable management, transparency.
We aren't here enough to chime in and don't have 3 hours to listen. We will go with general consensus
reduced insurance
transparency, accountability and professionalism

What aspects of a property management company concern you?

Board members not listening and doing what they want only
Costs and ability to find employees.
Current staff might make transition harder than it should be.
Goodwin’s was a generic presentation. Both (PB) and (RM) had a heaven focus on fees.
Having On-Site management Monday-Friday is a big bonus with our current self-management. The Island is too big and complex to have remote management. I like experienced & competent On-site management that can possibly resolve many immediately.
Hidden fees not addressed that could increase COA Dues. Managed in best interest of all owners
I do not have any concerns at this time.
I had real mgt on a condo that I owned several years ago and they were worthless.
I suspect that our costs will go up significantly and I am concerned the services performed on the Island will suffer.
I want the Island to be able to remove itself from a contract as quickly as possible.
I would shy away from Pooled insurance. I worked for large corporations as Risk Manager for many years and saw pooled insurance arrangements fail.
Keeping current staff
Long term accountability
No concerns
None at this time
Nothing at present
Nothing, except that any changes implemented will not impact until 2024 budget
Possible cutting corners
That they live up to their presentation
duplication of efforts/costs if keeping current staffing
increase in monthly COA charges
not knowing if they will follow through, or if they will change their rates
same as above

Are there any unanswered questions you have for any of the 3 property management companies?

Does your landscaping fees include proper annual pruning of all island trees?
Each company touched on different areas, so we need to see a thorough "full cost of ownership" comparison.
How much will it affect our monthly COA fees that we pay
How soon can we get a property management to begin?
I just want to make sure that this will not increase our fees.
Maybe a clause that either side can terminate contract with 60 day notice. If we have off-site management, I think 🤔 the Island will have more problems. I’m for On-site M-F.
Need to dig deeper on insurance questions (how long does the islands current claim carry weight. Nobody had good security answers.
Not at this time
Not yet
Prob should have fresh board members island officers for a clean start. Whoever bought the garbage insurance policies before should be gone. Gross negligence of duties.
The Q&A sessions were helpful so none at this time
Why are there no references?
You can't directly compare the three companies as the proposals are vastly different. Also, many costs currently paid for are not addressed.
not at this time
not at this time.
same as above - we don't care to choose - question below says which one. We just left it at first one but don't care

Do you support the IOLT hiring a property management company?

Answer Count Percentage
Yes 33 94.2%
No 1 2.8%
Maybe another company we did not hear from 1 2.8%

If you would like to see a property management company on the IOLT, which of the 3 would you choose?

Answer Count Percentage
Goodwin 10 28.5%
PioneerBeck 22 62.8%
RealManage 3 8.5%

What factors are most important to you in this review process?

Answer Count Percentage
Cost of Management company versus current costs 6 17.1%
Professionalism - up-to-date standards 0 0%
Resources - access to the most resources 0 0%
Customer Service 0 0%
All of the above 29 82.8%